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Gilbert Free Animated Typeface



Gilbert Free Animated Typeface is a font that was originally coming for striking headlines and statements. It can live on banners for rallies and protests. It now currently comes into a whole family of weights and styles. In addition, the font is available in two versions, a standard vector font and a color font (in OpenType-SVG format). Also, it is currently usable in Photoshop CC 2017 only.

Thanks to Animography for creating and generously sharing the love to the community. Gilbert also comes in a static font version, you can click on the link to get it. Also, if you find this freebie interesting, make sure to share the link and spread the word to show your support.

Free for personal use only

Format: 2 OTF files
Size: 403 Kb

Note: the link will expire in one hour. If you want to report a violation, you can write to us about it on the Contact page.


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